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Sun in 8th House | Sun in Eighth House

Sun effects in 8th house in astrology for various ascendants

Sun will give benefic results for Gemini and for Virgo ascendants. Reason is clear that bad house lord in bad house give good results, provided efforts are made in right directions.

For Gemini , Sun will be 3rd house ( bad house) lord being posited in 8th house and thus overall , it will bring good results in relation to inheritance matters but one static signification that is “Father health or relations with Father will hurt “ for almost all the ascendants .

Sun Transit In 8th House

For Virgo , 12th house lord Sun placed in 8th house will give chances to travel in abroad countries .

For Pisces , Sun being 6th house lord placed in 8th house will be debilitated and thus one health might suffer and difference of opinions with father or father health will suffers as well .

Sun Placement In 8th House

For Capricorn ascendant , results might be mixed as Sun in 8th house will be bad for one and father health but at the same time will give inheritance gains too as Sun will be posited in own sign but in bad house and thus mixed results will come to pass by.

For Libra Ascendant , 11th house lord Sun will be exalted in 1st house which signifies that one had to take proper care of valuables and Money from theft but at the same time , one will also gain from inheritance matters.

For rest of the ascendants, Sun will give bad results being posited in 8th house .

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