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Sun in 3rd House | Sun in Third House

Sun Effects in 3rd House In Astrology For Various Ascendants

As Sun is functional benefic planet for Aries , Gemini , Cancer , Scorpio , Sagittarius ascendants , in 3rd house , Sun will give positive results unless it is afflicted with functional malefic planets for particular ascendants.

Sun Results In 3rd House

For Aries , Sun will help persons who wants to make there career in sports and it will give them enough strength and courage to pursuit there goals.

For Gemini , Sun will give enough courage , stamina and communication skills to finish of there personal and professional commitments on stronger note.

For Cancer , Sun will give better relations with brother and Sisters .

For Scorpio , 10th house lord Sun in 3rd house might leads to frequent travel in relation to his /her professional life and one might be in the profession , which involves lot of traveling .

For Sagittarius , 9th house lord Sun in 3rd house will involve traveling in relation to spirituality or in relation to family life . One will get sufficient support from his/her father too .

Sun Transit In Third House

Sun will give average results for Taurus ,Aquarius ascendent natives.

For Taurus , 4th house lord , Sun in 3rd house might leads to stay away from his/her house which might be due to professional commitments .

For Aquarius , Sun in 3rd house might pull pressures in one marital life which might be due to lack of quality time for each other.

Sun Placement In 3rd House

Sun will be malefic for Virgo , Libra , Capricorn and Pisces ascendent natives .

For Virgo , Sun might creates tensions between brother , sisters and father which might be due to money .

For Libra , One might had to work harder in order to gain from finances . Due to this , He/She might not able to enjoy his family life fully.

For Capricorn , Sun might pull pressures in one family and professional life .

For Pisces , Sun in 3rd house might give communication and concentration problems . Aggression might be more which might be bad for health .

Here , special emphasis had to be given Leo as Sun in 3rd house for Leo makes Sun , debilitated (weaker) and one had to put lot of efforts in his/her personal and professional life to get life moving for him/her in right direction.

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