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Sun in 1st House | Sun in First House

Results Of Sun In Various Houses For Various Ascendants

Sun is natural malefic planet and is fiery and hot in nature . Sun signifies Father , King , Govt . Job , Politicians , Diplomats , CEO , Leaders , Public sector companies . Now let’s check Sun results in various houses for different ascendants.

Sun Effects In 1st House In Astrology For Various Ascendants

As Sun is functional benefic planet for Aries , Cancer , Leo , Scorpio and for Sagittarius ascendants in 1st house . Sun will give positive results unless it is afflicted with functional malefic planets for particular ascendants.

Sun Placement In 1st House

For Cancer , Sun will give better family and financial life . For Leo , better courage and marital life .

For Scorpio natives , favor from Govt Sectors , Govt job or better career promotions .

For Sagittarius, better luck , spiritual progress , family travels .

Sun Results In First House

Sun will give average results for Taurus and Aquarius ascendent natives and to get good results for Taurus ascendant, Sun should be aspected by stronger Mercury or Saturn .

For Aquarius ascendent, Sun should be placed with Venus in 1st house in order to get good results .

Sun Transit In 1st House

Sun will be malefic for Gemini , Virgo , Libra , Capricorn and Pisces ascendent natives . For Gemini , Sun rules 3rd house which is malefic house and one will wander here and there without any aim and one had to control his/her aggression especially dealing in his/her marital life and while dealing with brothers .

For Virgo , Sun rules 12th house and Sun being posited in 1st house might give chances of foreign travel but side by side , expenses will be more and it will put pressures in one marital life .

For Libra , Sun rules 11th house and to give good effects , Sun should get aspect of Saturn in order to get financial gains in one life else due to finances , problems in marital life can come as 11th house is tridasya house ( 3rd , 6th and 11th houses ) and house lords of this houses do become functional malefic planet for that particular ascendent but because of Saturn aspects , things will positively change as Saturn is yogakaraka planet for Libra Ascendent .

For Capricorn ascendent, Sun being the 8th house lord ( house of obstructions ) being posited in 1st house might be bad for marital life.

For Pisces ascendent, Sun being 6th house lord , being posited in 1st house might again be bad for marital life as well as for health too.

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