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Sun in 12th House | Sun in Twelth House

Sun Effects in 12th House in Astrology for Various Ascendants

Sun will give benefic to mix results for Gemini and for Virgo ascendants. As mentioned above that bad house lord in bad house give good results, provided efforts are made in right directions.

For Gemini , Sun will be 3rd house ( bad house) lord being posited in 12th house and thus overall , it will bring good results in relation to foreign travels but darker side to it will be that expenses will be more which had to be curbed and further one might be away from home too .

For Virgo , 12th house lord Sun placed in 12th house in own sign which will give chances to travel in abroad countries especially in relation to one profession.

Sun Transit In 12th House

For Pisces , Sun being 6th house lord placed in 12th house will be good at work place as one will get benefit due to wrong decisions taken by his/her subordinates at native workplace.

For Capricorn ascendant , 8th house lord Sun in 12th house will give inheritance gains .

Sun Placement In 12th House

For Scorpio ascendant , 10th house lord Sun in 12th house will be debilitated and thus one professional life will be affected and one might find it tougher to rise in one professional life which will also affect financial life too.

For Taurus ascendant , 4th house lord Sun in 12th house will be exalted and one might go abroad for his/her profession but it might be bad for family life as one will remain away from his/her home at distant place.

For rest of the ascendants, Sun will give bad results being posited in 12th house .

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