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Scorpio Horoscope

Birth Dates Range:   Oct 23 - Nov 20
Zodiac Sign Grouping:   Water
Characteristic Feature:   Fixed
Lucky Colors:   Deep red, maroon, black, brown, purple
Lucky Days:   Tuesday
Lucky Numbers:   09
Ruler of the zodiac sign:   Pluto, Mars
Strengths:   Creative, courageous, zealous, determined, friendly
Weaknesses:   Does not trust anyone, jealousy, violent, secretive
Likes:   Justice, truthfulness, making fun of others, zealous pursuits, facts and figures
Dislikes:   disclosing secrets, being disloyal, unmotivated people

Scorpio Horoscope

Here we will be using Scorpio horoscope instead of Ascendant as this are the generalized predictions and can vary from individual to individual which is further based on personal accurate birth details to get exact predictions.

Functional Benefic Planet For Scorpio Horoscope

For Scorpio astrology, these are functional benefic planets which give results as according to there placements, aspects and conjunction and they are:-

Jupiter being the 5th house lord which is Trine house (1st, 5th, and 9th houses are the trine houses) and hence it is a benefic planet.

Mars as being the ascendant lord which itself is Trine and Quadrant house ( 1st , 4th , 7th and 10th houses are quadrant houses ). Although as being 6th house lord too which is bad house but as Mars is ascendant lord itself , it will not do any harm as ascendant lord is always benefic until and unless , it is severely afflicted .Here , Manglik dosa , which is feared in India will not be applicable for Scorpio ascendant natives , provided Mars is strong and not placed in bad houses and not getting any malefic aspects and getting aspects of strong Jupiter due to the fact that Mars is Ascendant lord and by getting Jupiter benefic aspects will neutralize manglik dosa and thus Mars will not give its bad effect to Scorpio zodiac sign person.

Moon is natural benefic planet if it is waxing Moon ( from No moon to Full moon ) . Further , as it is 9th house lord , it will be auspicious planet for Scorpio sign natives.

Sun , though is natural malefic planet in astrology but for Scorpio , it will be acting as benefic planet being the 10th house lord ( 10th house is quadrant house and as according to rule of vedic astrology , natural malefic planets tends to give good results when they are quadrant house lord ) . Further , Sun is friendlier to ascendant lord , Mars and hence it will give good results , provided it is not aspected by functional malefic planet .

Saturn , though is natural malefic planet in astrology but for Scorpio , it will be acting as Neutral planet being the 3rd  house lord (3rd , 6th and 11th houses are tridasya houses ) bad house but at the same time , its Mooltrikona sign lies in 4th house  ( 4th  house is quadrant house and as according to rule of vedic astrology , natural malefic planets tends to give good results when they are quadrant house lord ) and  thus Saturn is house lord of good as well as bad houses and it will act as a neutral planet in this case . Saturn results will again depends upon its association , placement and aspects that will be coming in the chart , however on a general note , it will give bad results as Saturn is enemy to Mars in astrology.

Functional Malefic Planet For Scorpio Horoscope Are:-

Mercury is the most malefic planet for Scorpio as it is the 8th and 11th  house lord . According to Maharashi Parashara who is the greatest Astrologer had said that as 3rd is tridasya lord ( 3rd , 6th and 11th houses are tridasya houses ) and simultaneously own 2 bad houses as well , and thus will work as most malefic planet for Scorpio horoscope and can destroy significations of other houses too as at where it is being placed , until and unless , functional benefic planets do not cast its aspect or associated with Mercury in good houses .

Venus will be acting as malefic planet being the 7th and 12th house lord and its Mooltrikona sign lies in 12th house and will act as a malefic planet for Scorpio zodiac sign.

Rahu and Ketu are always malefic for each and every horoscope and tends to give results as according to there depositor planet ( sign lord of Rahu and Ketu respectively ) and results of the associating planet in the chart . 

Scorpio Horoscope For Education : 

2nd and 4th houses are prime houses for initial education . If Jupiter and Saturn are placed in good houses in chart , then it will be a good combination for Scoprio’s and there initial education will be quite good and stronger , provided there is no functional malefic planet aspect on to this houses or planets .

If contrary , this two planets are placed in 8th house ( bad house ) then initial education will tend to suffer and obstructions will be there in education matters for Scorpio sign.

5th house signifies “Higher Education “. If 5th house lord , Jupiter is placed in 5th house itself , then Jupiter alone will be able to give good results as far as higher education is concerned as Jupiter is functional benefic planet in chart and one might become Army person , Police men ,might reach to higher administrative posts (provided Sun is stronger in chart) , Doctor or can become engineer as well. 

Scorpio Horoscope For Finance, Money:

2nd house is the house that signifies “Investments & Money “ . 11th house is the house that signifies “Financial Gains “ . Here , if 2nd house lord , Jupiter is placed in quadrant or in Trine houses along with Moon, it will create “Dhan Yoga (Money Yoga ) which will bestows good results in Jupiter or Moon main period (Dasha) or sub period (Antardasa) respectively . Here , apart from Dhan yoga , Gajkesari yoga will also give full effects to native .

11th house lord is Mercury and as already stated will act as a malefic planet .If Mercury  is associated with Venus , then one had to face financial losses or health expenses as well as Venus is 12th house ( house of expenses and losses lord ) and association of 2 malefic planets in chart will destroy there natural significations , there house lord significations as well as houses in which they are posited .

In this way , even two benefic planets can give negative effects to the native , which depends on there placement or association and varies from ascendant to ascendant.

Here on the other hand , if Jupiter is associated with Mercury (remember , Jupiter is functional benefic planet for Scorpio) in good houses and Moon is also giving benefic aspect to Mercury , then bad results of Mercury can be curbed and hence Scorpio can think of some financial stability. 

Scorpio Horoscope For Property:

4th house is the house that signifies gains in relation to immovable assets . 4th house lord , Saturn (which itself is natural significator (karaka ) of immovable assets), if posited along with Jupiter in quadrant or Trine will results gains in relation to Immovable assets in main period or sub periods of Jupiter and Saturn , however , careful consideration had to be done in form of checking property papers and other things in relation to property , as Saturn is 3rd house lord too and being natural malefic will bring some negativity as well .

However , if Saturn is placed with Mercury in any bad houses , then there will be loss of family happiness and obstructions will come in gaining of immovable assets as Mercury is house lord of bad houses for Scorpio Native.

Scorpio Horoscope For Siblings:

Here , Saturn is the lord  of 3rd house ( house of younger brother ) and Mercury is itself significator of “Sisters” but if Mercury is placed with Saturn , then bad side of Saturn will revealed and will be bad for significations in relation to brother and sisters as Mercury is 1st rate malefic planet for Scorpio sign native.

If Saturn is associated with stronger Moon or Jupiter in good houses, then , one will have good relations with his/her younger brother and sisters too , provided there younger brother and Sisters charts 3rd house is neat and clean and is not afflicted .

If Mercury is associated with Saturn in bad houses , relations will be bad which might be due to finances or Money as Mercury is 11th house lord which signifies “Financial gains “. 

Scorpio Horoscope For Children

5th house is the house that signifies children area for Scorpio . If 5th house lord , Jupiter is posited in own sign in 2nd or in 5th house , one child will be educated , knowledgeable , lovable , caring and affectionate as Jupiter is functional benefic as well and natural karak of children too . If however , Jupiter is placed in bad houses , then one relation with his /her child might suffers but if proper efforts are made , then results can become better .

If however , Jupiter is placed with Venus or Mercury in bad houses , then there might be difference of opinion between parents and child on smaller things and results might not be good as far as child matters are concerned.

Occasionally, misunderstanding and confusions might be common that will spoil family happiness. Children education and financial life might be affected to some extent as Mercury is 11th house ( house of financial gains lord )and Jupiter is 2nd house ( house of family matters lord)

Scorpio Horoscope For Health

6th house is the house that signifies “Health” . Here Mars if associated with Mercury , which is the most malefic planet for Scorpio horoscope , then one health will suffer and He/She had to take proper care of health in his/her life time .

If Mars is situated with Sun or Jupiter in good houses then, on a general note , one health will be good but to assess health , conditions of other planets and ongoing dasa-antradasa had to looked as well to get clear picture in relation to health.

Scorpio Horoscope For Marriage , Scorpio Love Horoscope:

7th house is the house in relation to “Marital life “. Here Venus is 7th house lord which is functional malefic planet for Scorpio ascendant.

If Venus is placed in own sign in 7th house or placed with functional benefic planets in good houses , then one marital life will be quite good .

On the other hand , if Venus is posited with Mercury , then one marital life will suffer or health conditions of spouse might go down . There might be issues and quarrels on smaller things which had to be avoided for better marital life .

Venus placement of Saturn will not be pleasant one as here , Saturn bad side will be reflected and Venus 12th house results will come to pass as well and end result would be lack of domestic happiness for Scorpio natives. 

Scorpio Horoscope For Inheritance

8th house is the house that signifies “Inheritance matters “. Here Mercury, if posited with Jupiter in good houses without any affliction of other functional malefic planets , then one can gain from “Inheritance matters “ too .

On the flip side to it , If Mercury  is posited with Venus or Saturn  in bad houses, then one have to remain careful as there might be inheritance issues or there might be no inheritance at all and further , chances of theft or accidents can also arise as Mercury is most malefic and association of functional malefic planets is not good for general wellbeing of the native.

Scorpio Horoscope For Litigation

6th house is the house that signifies “Litigation Matters “. Here 6th house lord Mars , if posited along with Saturn in bad houses , then Scorpio zodiac sign might had to suffer allegations or might had to see court in his/her life time . In this case , one had to avoid all those kind of things that can give them disgrace or dejections .

If Mars is associated with Mercury, then court case might be in relation to inheritance matters or financial matters whereas Mars association with Venus in the bad house might give court case in relation to marital matters.

If Mars is associated with stronger Jupiter or Sun in good houses, then native might be free from “Litigation” 

Scorpio Horoscope For Career, Scorpio Career Horoscope

The 10th house is the house that signifies “Professional life “. If Sun is associated with stronger Jupiter, then Scorpio sign native will rise in his/her professional life with good gains. Here, native education will play a vital role in forming a career due to the fact that Jupiter is 5th house lord which signifies “Higher Education”.

Sun association with Moon might lead to getting a job abroad.

Sun association with Saturn here might not be good and might hamper the progress of native career growth.

Sun with Venus in good houses might pave the way for abroad journeys in connection to the profession.

If however, Sun is placed with Mercury in bad houses, then one professional life will be full of struggles and proper growth will be harder to come by.

Scorpio Horoscope For Travels

The 12th house is the house that signifies “Traveling abroad “. If Venus is being posited with Sun in 9th house, then one will get chances of traveling abroad especially in connection to family travels or in connection to one profession.

If on the other hand, Rahu is placed with Jupiter in 7th house and Venus is stronger in the chart , one might travel in relation to his /her marital life or spouse might be from another country. Here love marriage or inter-caste marriage might be possible as well.

On the other hand, if Venus is associated with Mercury in bad houses, then obstructions will come for going abroad or even if one gets the chances of traveling abroad, the journey might not be a fruitful one.

Colors That Are Suited For Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Dark Red, Orange, Yellow, White 

Numbers That Are Good For Scorpio Zodiac Sign

1, 2, 3, 9 , 10 , 11, 12 , 18 , 20

Favorable Week Days For Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Remedies For Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Though remedies can be prescribed only after looking birth chart these are the general remedies that can strengthen Scorpio chart and they are:-

Reciting or Listening Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday and Saturday

Reciting or Listening to Aditya Hardam Strotam on Sunday

Donating Yellow food items or clothes to needy on Thursday

-By Brij Pandey