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Rahu in 9th House | Rahu in Ninth House

Rahu Results in 9th House

9th house is the house in relation to Father , family travels , longer journeys , education matters , spirituality , knowledge .

Pitra dosa is formed in this house only . It is formed when 9th house as well as Sun are afflicted by Rahu . ketu or by Saturn but severe pitra dosa forms when 9th house and Sun are afflicted by either Rahu or Ketu . This dosa had to be checked in D9 chart as well and then only results can be summarized for this dosa .

Coming back to results , If Rahu is benefic in 9th house , then one will be spiritual . One will take part in religious functions and will get blessings of knowledgeable persons . One will be ready to help others . One will have family travels to religious places . One will get help from father . One will have better name and fame in society.

One higher education will be quite good and as Rahu is karak of foreign journeys too , Rahu in 9th house might leads to go for higher education in foreign country as well .

One luck will give instant gains as 9th house is the karak of luck prospects too .

On the other hand , if Rahu is malefic in chart , then one might have bad relations with Father or mis-understandings and difference of opinion might be more in family that might effect family happiness . One might go in bad company which will be bad for life of the native .

One luck will not give due support and obstructions might be more in life that will hamper the progress of the native .

One higher education will be bad . One might lose concentration in studies too .

One will get bad name in society . There might be problems with siblings as well and due to lack of understanding and improper communication , family life will be disturbed one .

Overall , in that case , there will be need to remain calmer and handle family life with patience . Further , rahu remedies will be required in order to bring improvement in significations mentioned above.

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