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Rahu in 7th House | Rahu in Seventh House

Rahu Results in 7th House

7th house is the house in relation to marital life , family travels , business partnerships as well .

If Rahu is benefic in chart , then native can expect better marital life , gains of luxurious items , better love life .

One might travel foreign countries too as Rahu is karak of foreign journeys too especially after marriage.

Family travels in hill stations can also be seen as 7th house is the house of family travels too .

If 2nd , 11th houses are stronger in chart , then one can go in partnership business as well . One can strengthen financial life by doing some part time work or freelance services or opening up business in partnership .

In Rahu dasa-antardasa with benefic planet birth chart dasa-antardasa , one can get financial gains instantly or one might get married or one might think of starting own business as well .

However , if Rahu is malefic for birth chart , then we will see darker side of Rahu . In that case , one marriage might get delayed or even if , one get married , problems , confusions , tensions might get built up in marital life which might spoilt marital life .

As Rahu is karak of in-laws as well , bad Rahu will make relations with in-laws bad as well . Overall , due to bad Rahu , marital life can become bad , which might give stress and tensions and be bad for health too .

Bad Rahu in 7th house will leads to aggressive or dominating spouse as well which might have higher aspirations and when obstructions in that part comes , then it will put pressures in mutual relations . If 7th house lord is weaker as well and D9 chart is weaker too , then this placement of Rahu in 7th house can take marital life to Divorce as well .

Bad Rahu will leads to business breakup or if in partnership business , then mis-understandings between partners might be higher , which can take business downwards . Bad Rahu in 7th house will create rift among partners as difference of opinion will come between partners . One partner will go in northern direction while other in southern direction and this attitude might hurt business strategies as well .In worst state , business can be closed as well , which will effect financial life too.

Overall , Rahu remedies will be required , if Rahu is malefic in 7th house .

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