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Rahu in 6th House | Rahu in Sixth House

Rahu Results in 6th House

6th house is the house of diseases , work place , sub-ordinates in professional life , competition , enemies as well as for maternal uncles. To some extent , Rahu also signifies in-laws.

If Rahu is benefic in chart , then Rahu will give good results in 6th house . One health will be quite sound and robust but in that case to have much more clarity on health , ascendant and ascendant lord had to be equally stronger too such that positivity in health can be seen .

Rahu in 6th house will be good to outclass enemies which might be at work place or in personal life .One will able to classify , which are friends and which one are foes such that appropriate distance can be made before hand . One will enjoy status and sovereignty at work place , which indirectly will be a big booster to rise in professional life .

One will get help from maternal uncles as well .

As 6th house is the house of competition and Rahu is natural signiifcator of this house , benefic Rahu in 6th house will be good in relation to competitive matters as well . One will get success in competitive exams , provided , 5th house and its lord is stronger in chart .

If Rahu is malefic in chart , then one had to face struggles in professional life . Subordinates will take un-due advantage at work place and end result will be bad professional atmosphere which in turn can hit financial life as well.

One health might be down and stress levels in connection to professional life might be more . One might suffer abdomen related problems .Enemies can give pressure time in life . Relations with maternal uncle might be down as well.

One might lag behind in competition and persons or friends who have little knowledge might go ahead .

There will be need to handle politics at work place , take care of health , handle relations properly but managing all this simultaneously will put pressures in life that is harder to handle .

To counter act negative effects of Rahu , one had to avoid too much chit chat at work place , take better care of health , try to show restraint in relations and had to put proper concentration in studies in order to get positivity in life and this things can be handle well with the help of Rahu remedies.

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