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Rahu in 5th House | Rahu in Fifth House

Rahu Results in 5th House

5th house is the house of children , love life , higher education , speculation activities .

Rahu also signifies instant gains , speculative activities and ability of risk taking and thus on basis of this consideration , we can say that , if Rahu is benefic in birth chart , owing to stronger depositor placement and being friendly to ascendant lord , Rahu can give good results in 5th house .

Rahu in 5th house will give better education prospects , probably in field of engineering , space , aviation , research and development , lawyer , CBI and all other fields that require manipulative tendencies . Rahu will give new innovative ideas and thus field of scientist will also be a better option as well.

One grasping power will be quite good and might be a quick learner and will able to convince other in shorter duration of time , provided , Mercury is equally stronger in chart .

One love life might be quite good as well and if there is any connection between 5th , 7th house lord and Rahu , then chances of love marriage or inter caste marriage might be more and one spouse might have some foreign connection or after marriage , chances of overseas travel might be possibility as well , if there is connection between 7th and 12th house lord in good houses.

One might get children happiness as well and one child might be having higher aspirations in life . Native children might get success in life too .

One can get success in speculative fields , provided , 2nd and 11th houses are stronger in chart and one will make good amount of money in very smaller time frame.Overall , Rahu in 5th house can give better financial life to the native .

On the other hand , if Rahu is malefic planet in chart , then one higher education might be bad . Concentration levels and focus might be lost in mid way that will put pressure in higher studies . Once can go in bad company in college . As education is path way to better financial life , one financial life might takes beating as well due to Rahu in 5th house of the horoscope.

As 5th house is related to child . One might face progeny problems or after child birth , health problems can come to child .

There might be misunderstandings with lover as well that can make love life bad .

Overall , Rahu remedies will be required to reduce Rahu malefic effects on 5th house.

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