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Rahu in 4th House | Rahu in Forth House

Rahu Results in 4th House

4th house is the house of mother , happiness from mother side , domestic happiness , education , property , vehicles, water , ponds as well as for white things .

As 4th house is 10th house from 7th house , this house is also the house of profession of your spouse .

If Rahu is benefic in chart , then one will enjoy family comforts . One will able to enjoy luxuries of life like vechile gains , property gains etc .

One will get happiness from mother side and mother will give help as well in shaping one career as well .

One education will be quite good as well .

If 7th house is stronger , then one spouse professional life will also be quite good which will add family comforts and will able to acquire luxurious items as well . There will be good harmony in family and happiness will prevail at home .

Rahu in 4th house will also give innovative ideas as to how to make family happiness more better too. One will put each and every efforts to make domestic happiness quite long lasting and effective as well.

All this can happen in Rahu dasa-antardasa with benefic planet of birth chart , which is interlinked with 4th house .

If Rahu is bad in 4th house , then family happiness might go downwards too . One professional life will become bad too and balance between both this area might become quite tougher as well . One might not get mother happiness on proper note and there will be need to take proper care of mother health as well .

One might had to face losses in property matters or due to wrong decisions in relation to property , one financial life might become bad which in turn will be bad in relation to family life as well.

One education might be bad as well and one might go in bad company at school level .

One will not get any major help from spouse profession as well .

Overall , life might become quite miserable due to bad effects of Rahu in 4th house for the native and Rahu remedies will be required to counter act bad effects of Rahu .

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