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Rahu in 3rd House | Rahu in Third House

Rahu Results in 3rd House

3rd house is the house in relation to communication , mental intellect , courage , relation with siblings . This house is the house that gives required courage in order to go ahead in life . Rahu is also planet to bring sudden gains or losses in life and thus this house is the house in which Rahu is comfortable to be placed in .

3rd house is the house in relation to shorter journeys , writing , signing documents and relation with neighbors too

If Rahu is benefic in chart due to strong depositor , friendlier to ascendant lord and in friendly sign , then Rahu good results in relation to 3rd house will come to pass . In that case , one communication levels will be quite good and due to one intellectual and persuasive skills , one will able to get benefit from others . One will excel in writing , salesmanship , marketing career or in any career , which requires persuasive skills like Lawyer etc .

One will have enough courage to open up own business or do some thing different than others in order to excel higher in life . It is like making own line such that other can follow or standing altogether differently than others and to get name , fame and sovereignty in life .

One will also get benefit from shorter travels or journeys too .

If on the other hand , Rahu is malefic in chart , then one might be facing lack of confidence . One might be standing at last in longer queue . One might be aimless and do not have any kind of vision to pursuit long term goals .

One speech might be bad and due to lack of communication , one family life might be bad and full of mis-understandings too .

One will travel aimlessly and will not get any profits out for same .

One will sign documents carelessly without reading all points which can be bad in relation to personal as well as in professional life too .

One might adopt wrong tactics in order to make money or might deceive peoples as well .

One relation with siblings might be bad as well and disputes with them might be possible as well.

There will be need to take all decisions with calm composure and try to read documents before signing . Further , try that communication levels should be up to the mark such that mis-understandings do not come with siblings . There is need to show restraint and try to take decisions that will be suited to whole family as well.

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