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Rahu in 12th House | Rahu in Twelth House


Rahu Results in 12th House

12th house is the house of foreign journeys , losses , expenses , enemies , health expenses , feet and is termed as Tic house in astrology .

If Rahu is benefic in 12th house in chart , then Rahu will give foreign journeys in connection to family travels , education travel or in relation to profession travels . Rahu in 12th house might takes one away from native birth place in order to earn bread and butter , if there is connection of 10th and 12th house lord in good houses and ascendant lord is stronger too .

One will have better impact in overseas countries as compared to native birth place . One financial life and professional life will strengthen in overseas countries . One might eager to go in foreign countries with this placement .

One might invest money in foreign countries , if there is connection of 2nd and 12th house lord in good houses in chart .

One will get better name and fame in overseas countries and can strengthen financial life in foreign countries .

Rahu in 12th house give chances of family travels too . One can also go for studies , if there is connection of 5th or 9th house lord with 12th house .

One will give tougher time to enemies , if Rahu and ascendant lord are stronger in chart.

On the other hand , if Rahu is malefic in 12th house , then problems can come in financial life of the native . One will spend on un-necessary things which will put pressures in money matters. One enemies will take advantage out of the native .

One health might have pressures too . One health expenses can rise as well . One might face losses in financial life . One might lose in money in speculation . One might take wrong decision in relation to finance and investments.

One might find it harder to pay debts . One can also fall in litigation that might give mental stress and tensions too that might effect health as well .

One might remain sad and depressed over money matters . One might lag behind in competitions as well . One can get injuries too . One might get hospitalized as well.

Overall , mental peace might be missing in Rahu dasa-antradasa periods which give tougher time in life .

Overall , Rahu remedies are needed for curbing malefic effects of Rahu .

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