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Rahu in 11th House | Rahu in Eleventh House

Rahu Results in 11th House

11th house is the house of financial gains , friends , social life. If Rahu is benefic in 11th house , then it will be good thing as far as financial life is concerned . As Rahu is karak of foreign journeys and elements , one will get financial gains by having collaboration with foreign companies or by working in overseas countries , provided 12th house lord and ascendant lord are stronger in chart .

One might be in import-Export business or might be in job that might requires foreign travelling . One financial life will be quite good and one might be benefitted from speculation as well , if 5th house lord is in good position in chart .

One might get better gains from shares or stock market , provided , Mercury and 2nd house are stronger in chart .

Overall , 11th house along with 2nd house are prime houses in order to look financial life and if Rahu is placed in 11th house in benefic form and 2nd and 11th house lords are well placed will be a big booster for stronger financial life of the native .

Rahu in 11th house will give instant gains in its dasa-antardasa along with benefic planets dasa-antardasa in connection to 2nd and 11th houses.

Further benefic Rahu in 11th house also give supporting friends in tougher times . One will get help from friends , when one is in dire straight . One will also be supportive to friends and will give help to them in tougher time .

One social life will be quite good and will get admiration in society . One will have good education too and will spread education and moral values as well .

On the other hand ,malefic Rahu in 11th house will be bad in relation to financial life . One will take that kind of decisions that will be bad for financial life . One will suffer losses in business . One can come in bad company which might leads to losses of money . One might have issues over friends on account of money . One social life will be bad and might get bad name in society . One might become greedy on account of money and might take wrong path in order to earn money .

One might take friends money and might not return as well and thus friendship can turn into enemity.

Due to habit of deceiving people on account of money , one can land in disputes and can go in jail as well .

Overall , there is need to take right path and follow Rahu remedies to reduce Rahu malefic effects .

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