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Moon in 1st House | Moon in First House


Moon is the planet that signifies “Mental state “. Moon is the significator of Mother, Ponds , Lakes , Liquid , emotions , family happiness , travels , hotel management , PR & HR management , Blood , Lungs .

Moon is benefic when it is in waxing phase and malefic when in waning phase. This is its natural significations and about natural benefic state. Now lets see that for which houses, it can give what kind of results based on its functional signification for various ascendents .

Moon Effects In 1st House In Astrology

For Aries , Moon will be 4th house lord and if , Moon is of waxing phase and be in association with Mars or Jupiter in 1st house , then it will make one affectionate , loving , caring and soft spoken but if associated with weak Saturn makes one stressful and negative thoughts might be more in the native life.

For Taurus , Moon will be 3rd house lord and if posited in 1st house will make one charming and lovable and will have good relations with brother and sisters .

For Gemini , Moon in 1st house will again be good for family happiness and financial life , provided , it is getting aspect of Venus . Association of Mars with Moon here will not be good for family life of the native.

Moon Transit In First House

For Cancer , Moon in 1st house will be good and it will give good results of all the significations of Moon like happiness from Mother , family happiness , strong mental toughness , taking good decisions in tougher moments .

For Leo , Moon in 1st house might be good for foreign journeys but at the same time might be bad for one health and mental problems or negativity might be more in person life. There might be un-necessary expenses in one life , which had to be controlled for financial betterment.

For Virgo , association or aspects of Mercury on to Moon in 1st house will be good for financial life where as association of Mars with Moon in 1st house might be bad for financial life as Mars is functional malefic for Virgo ascendant .

Moon Results In 1st House

For Libra , 10th house lord Moon in 1st house will be quite good for professional life but to get its full effects , Moon should be associated with Venus or Saturn here as Saturn is yogakaraka planet and Venus is ascendant lord for Libra ascendant . Moon association with Jupiter will not give results of Gajkesari yoga here and will be bad for one professional life as Jupiter is 1st rate functional malefic for Libra ascendant . In this way ,it can be seen that how even Gajkesari yoga will not able to give good results , which depends upon placement , aspects and conjunction of planets for various ascendants.

For Scorpio , 9th house lord Moon in 1st house will be debilitated and if Mars is associated with Moon in 1st house , its debilitation will get cancelled and will be good for spirituality , parents happiness , studies , family travel and overall family happiness too.

For Sagittarius, 8th house lord Moon in 1st house in association with Jupiter will be good for inheritance and to get success by own efforts where as association of Venus with Moon will be bad for one health .

For Capricorn , 7th house lord Moon in 1st house will be good for marital life , provided , Saturn is equally stronger .

Moon Placement In 1st House

For Aquarius , 6th house lord Moon in 1st house will be bad for marital life and for health matters too.

For Pisces , 5th house lord Moon in 1st house will be good for love life , progeny and for studies too .

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