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Mars in 1st House | Mars in First House


Mars is fiery planet and is the owner of two signs namely Aries and Scorpio . Mars signifies Brother , Army persons , Police , Real Estate , Pharmacy , Immunity , Bone Marrow , Blood , debts , courage , stamina , confidence , aggression , engineering , injuries .

Mars Results In Various Houses

For Aries , Mars is ascendant lord and will give good results being posited in 1st house as it is posited in own house and will give courage , stamina , belief , good health , property gains in the form of inheritance

For Taurus , Mars is functional malefic planet and will give financial losses and will create hurdles and pressures in marital life being posited in 1st house.

Mars Transit In 1st House

For Gemini , Mars give bad results as it will be 6th and 11th house lord (Tridasya lord – 3rd, 6th and 11th house lord , generally give bad results , when planet is the owner of this houses simultaneously , as here in Mars case) . It will be bad for health , debts will increase , confrontations with colleagues can happen . There might be financial losses too and litigation matters cannot be denied as well.

For Cancer , Mars in 1st house will be debilitated and to give good effects , Moon should be in conjunction or give stronger aspect to Mars and then it will give good results in relation progeny matters , studies , love life as well as good professional and Marital life , provided , Saturn is getting stronger aspect of Jupiter or Moon as Saturn is 7th house lord ( house of marital life) for Cancer ascendant natives.

For Leo , Mars in 1st house will be good for property gains , better marital life , domestic happiness , family travels as Mars is yogakaraka planet ( planet when is house lord of Trine as well as quadrants becomes yogakaraka planet and is benefic planet for that ascendant ) for Leo ascendant .

For Virgo , Mars in 1st house will be bad for health , financial life and will give debts , litigation as well as injuries too .

For Libra , Mars in 1st house will not be good for marital life and stronger Venus or Saturn should give aspect to Mars for better marital happiness .

For Scorpio , Mars in 1st house will give good results but one had to avoid aggression and take better care of his/her health .

Mars Placement In First House

For Sagittarius , Mars in 1st house will give good results in relation to Marriage and for education and one might travel abroad in connection to his studies or after his/her marriage.

For Capricorn , Mars is 1st house will be exalted and will give good results in relation to property matters as well as for financial gains but one had to take proper care of his/her marital life as Mars in 1st house might put pressures in one marital life.

For Aquarius , Mars in 1st house might leads to frequent travels in connection to one profession . Quality time might be lacking in family due to pressures of fulfillment of professional commitments.

For Pisces , Mars in 1st house will be good for family and financial life of the native . One will be charitable and knowledgeable too

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