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Ketu in 9th House | Ketu in Ninth House

Ketu results in 9th house

Benefic Ketu in 9th house will be good in relation to luck matters . One luck able to give help in life , provided , ascendant lord is stronger too . With hard work , one can get help of luck as well , which is so badly needed in cut throat competition of today.

One higher education will be quite good as well , provided , 5th house lord is not in weaker in chart . One might be knowledgeable person and spreading education to all corners . One might be in field of spirituality and have strong interest in spirituality . One might be go in overseas countries in relation to education matters . One might have lot of family travels to religious places.

Through spirituality , one can uplift life and can guide , what is good and bad to other persons too . One will get father help and will get father happiness as well . Father , will give help in each and every step of life to the native .

As 9th house is trine house and Ketu is also karak of spirituality , one will have higher interest in religious pursuits and have quite good knowledge of religion and philosophy .

One might be affectionate, loving and do not want to hurt anybody including animals . One might be kind hearted too .

One will try to give as much help as possible to other people .

On the other hand , malefic Ketu in 9th house will be bad in relation to luck prospects . One efforts might not give that much results as it is destined to be . One might be sad , lonely and depressed . One relations with father might not be good and clashes and difference of opinions with father might be possible in family . On the other way round , one might be sad in relation to father health . One might not able to get or give help to father .

One higher education might not be that good as it ought to be . One might have obstructions in higher education . One relations with siblings might be bad and due to lack of communication , confusions in family might be possible as well . One concentration levels might be down as well . One might wander here or there without any aim .

One courage to do things might be down as well and overall failures might be more as compared to success .

Overall , Ketu Remedies will be handy to pin down negative effects of Ketu .


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