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Ketu in 8th House | Ketu in Eighth House

Ketu results in 8th house

Benefic Ketu in 8th house will give inheritance gains or unearned income without much efforts , provided 8th house lord is stronger too . One will overpower enemies with manipulative techniques. One financial life will be strengthened as well by inheritance gains . One can invest that money in various instruments and can build financial corpus in longer run as well .

As 8th house is 2nd house from 7th house and signifies spouse wealth as well , it also signifies that one spouse will also put efforts such that financial gains of the native can increase , however , there is need that 7th house is stronger in chart too .

One will easily overpower difficulties through will power and know how to tackle difficult situation with ease . Enemies will not able to harm as well . One will get rid of dejections , disgrace , disappointment easily and can tackle tougher time with ease .

One might know , how to handle frustration and aggression and will able to take calmer decisions as well with brilliance .

This characteristics will easily help to subsidies pressures that can come in life .

Failures will teach lessons and by experience , one will able to go higher in life .

On the other hand , malefic Ketu in 8th house will be bad for overall life . One had to face dejections , disappointment , failures in life . Obstructions might welcome in each and every step of life . One might not able to understand , why failures are coming in life , inspite of putting best efforts in life.

One financial life will get weaker and one might take bad decisions in relation to investment matters .

One family life might suffer which might give mental stress and indirectly will be bad for health matters too .

One might fall in problems and disputes as well .

In worst state , one can get in injuries while travelling or walking and thus there is need to avoid all kind of things that can give frustration , dejections , disappointment in life .

Overall , Ketu remedies will be needed to reduce malefic effects of Ketu for 8th house .

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