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Ketu in 6th House | Ketu in Sixth House

Ketu results in 6th house

Benefic Ketu in 6th house will be good for better health . One might be careful regarding health matters and follow diet plan that will be good for better health , provided 2nd house is equally stronger as it signifies eating habits too . One might be teaching health morals to other person as well . One might be in the field of Naturopathy, yoga teacher or dietician too . One might be health conscious and health is 1st priority for the native too .

At work place , one might be energetic and eager to finish work deadlines on time . One might want to go ahead by honesty and might have good relation with sub-ordinates . Further , sub-ordinates will be fully supportive to the native . One might get better promotions and salary hike too by meeting and fulfilling deadlines on time .

Enemies in life might not able to harm and one will outclass enemies by sheer intelligence and manipulation. Maternal uncles will be supportive as well which will give support to the native in life .

One might get the chances of foreign travel , if 12th house lord is posited in good places and stronger and is having connection with 1st house lord in good houses .

Overall , Ketu in 6th house in benefic position will be good for all this significations mentioned above .

Malefic Ketu in 6th house will be bad in relation to health related matters . If ascendant lord is weaker , then one can come in grip of disease that might be harder to diagnoseand one might not get respite even after taking medications on time . One might feel lonely , sad and depressed on account of bad health . One might lose interest in each and every sphere of life and might detach from society .

One life at work place might be bad as well . Inspite of hard efforts at work place , results might not come properly and recognition might be harder to come by . One might become victim of work politics at work place too . One had to face wrath of seniors at work place and in worst state , one can lose job or one might frustrate so much that native might himself leave job .

One relation with Maternal uncles might be patchy and thus malefic Ketu in 6th house might be bad for all this significations mentioned above and Ketu remedies will give respite to some extent to the native in all this significations.

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