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Ketu in 5th House | Ketu in Fifth House

Ketu results in 5th house

Benefic Ketu in 5th house will be good in relation to love life as 5th house is the house of love affairs . One will be sincere and honest in love life and will take care of lover , whatever situation might be . One might be emotional and caring in love life . One might put 100% efforts in order to brighten up love life . If 5th house lord is stronger in chart , one will get happiness from progeny matters and will get child happiness as well , if D7 chart is stronger too .

5th house also signifies higher education matters. Benefic Ketu in 5th house will be good in relation to higher studies too which will pave the way for better financial life in longer run as better education will leads to better profession and ultimately better financial life too .

One will be religious minded and follow family traditions too .

On the other hand , malefic Ketu in 5th house will be bad in relation to love life . It is possible that love life might be barren or even if one is in relationship, then chance of break in love relationship might be possible as well . One might be dominant or aggressive or too much possessive in love life that might leads to break in love relationship or it might be also possible that love relationship might break for no known reason too .

Further , Malefic Ketu in 5th house will be a setback to higher education too . One might not able to get better score in exams or break in higher education is possible too . Inspite of best efforts , one will not get required results in education .

One might loses money in speculation and gambling which in turn will be bad for financial life . Further , issues might be there will be friends and social circle might get spoiled as well .

There might be issues in progeny or child happiness might be harder to come by . One might feel sad due to progeny matters and even after medical consultations , success might not come .

Overall, again Ketu remedies will be handy in order to curb negative effects of Ketu.


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