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Ketu in 3rd House | Ketu in Third House

Ketu results in 3rd house

Benefic Ketu in 3rd house will be good in relation to communication levels . Due to Better communication and mental intellect , one will rise higher in life . One will have good convincing, listening and good grasping skills that will help native to take better decisions in pressure situations .

As 3rd house is house of courage too , Ketu in 3rd house will give required courage to do innovative things for upliftment of society . One might be successful business man as well , if 1st house , 2nd and 11th houses are supportive too .

One relation with siblings will be quite good and will always stand with siblings in tougher situations. One will judge pressure situations with ease and will do whatever , one can do to give help to siblings . One might be in writing career , sales or marketing career , if there is strong connection of 3rd and 10th house lord in good houses .

Ketu in 3rd house will make native very careful in studying each and every point carefully before signing any contracts or documents . One will be helpful with neighbors too and will get respect in locality too by good efforts .

One might involve in shorter or family journeys as well and one luck prospects will be riding higher too . One can get respect in society by pious efforts. One might not fear taking tougher decisions in life and will advance ahead in life by sheer risk taking ability.

On the other hand , if Ketu is malefic in chart , then communication and speaking abilities might be on lower side . One will lag behind due to weakness in conveying ideas to others . One might not be confident while speaking with others and might lag behind in professional life too .

One might be careless while signing documents or contracts that might give financial losses too . One concentration levels might be down too. One neighbors might be jealous and quarrels with neighbors might be possible as well . One might be taking decisions in haste too without thinking , which might be adverse for financial , professional and personal life too.

One relation with siblings might be bad as well and rift might be created , which might be due to lack of communication too . Without proper communication , mis-understandings might be more and thus relations with siblings might be bad . There might be issues on smaller things that might create family atmosphere bad .

Ketu remedies will be handy for reducing bad effects of Ketu which can be done whole life and had to be followed especially in Ketu dasa-antardasa period . Further , it will be advisable to handle all this significations calmly and carefully such that bad effects of Ketu can be reduced .


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