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Ketu in 2nd House | Ketu in Second House

Ketu results in 2nd house

Benefic Ketu in 2nd house will be good for speech. One might be soft spoken and have power of magical words by which one can get benefit in life . One diet will be quite good too as 2nd house signifies eating habits too . Due to good diet , one health will be quite good as well .

As 2nd house signifies family life . One family life will be quite good and one will give its 100% to solve family problems and always try to give family happiness as much as it can . If 2nd house lord and Mercury are stronger in chart , one will make money from stock market too due to good decision making abilities . One will get better returns by investing in stocks , equities , MF , Debt instruments and will make good money in shorter period of time . By better investment decisions , one financial life will be quite better .

One education will be quite good as well and will perform better in initial years of education . One concentration levels will be quite good by which one can excel in initial education.By studying even for shorter period of time , one will able to score better due to good grasping powers .

On the other hand , if Ketu is malefic in 2nd house , then one financial life will be quite bad . One might take wrong decisions while investing money and might incur losses too . One might be greedy and might want to earn much more money in shorter period of time but results might not be convincing and there might be financial losses . One might be frustrated, sad and lonely in life . One family atmosphere might be bad as well . There might be clashes of opinion in family matters . One might be addicted to liquor which in turn might be effecting health as well . One might be having eye related problems as well . One might speak without thinking and might hurt other as well . One might be harsh in speech .

One concentration levels might be down as well which will be bad in relation to initial education as 2nd house is the house in relation to initial education . If education base is not stronger , it will effect higher education too and thus Ketu remedies will be needed to bring in improvement in significations mentioned above.

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