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Ketu in 1st House | Ketu in First House


Ketu is mysterious planet and is termed as Southern Node in astrology . Ketu along with Rahu are shadow planets that do not own any sign but there results whether negative or positive are as stronger as like other planets . Ketu signifies spirituality , charity , detachment, separation, grief , anger , struggle , poisonous things , diseases that are difficult to diagnose , IT & Power sector .

Ketu is seprative planet that takes away from materialism and signifies the goals of human life . Along with Rahu and Saturn , Ketu do punishes us according to our deeds . Ketu is natural malefic planet and it in natural and functional malefic for all ascendants and generally gives results according to sign depositor and associations in concerned houses .

Ketu results in 1st house

Benefic Ketu in 1st house makes one charitable and spiritual . One do not see persons in grief and have lot of concerns and care for poor persons . One try to put efforts for upliftment of social status for down trodden people in society . One get name and fame in society by doing good deeds.

If ascendant lord is stronger in chart , one will be wealthy , have good family life and good all round development . One will give help to friends as and when needed in adverse circumstances. One will be knowledgeable and will spread light of education , where it goes . One might be serving NGO or attached with it and do take part in social functions .

One always tries to find solutions as how to uplift poor person status . One might be good with good persons and bad with bad people too . One might be humorous as well and lighten up the atmosphere , where it goes .

Overall , Ketu in 1st house in benefic form will give each and every thing to the native by virtue of good deeds . One might be content and satisfied by doing good work for society .

However , if Ketu is malefic in 1st house , then native might be confused , detached fromsociety and family . One might go in bad company and do not able to differentiate, what is good and bad for life . One might not able to fulfill family as well as professional commitments in life and from financial point of view as well , life will be quite bad .

One marital life will be quite bad . Confusions, tensions and quarrels might be more in life and getting respite might not be easier . One might become lazy and do not find any interest in life . One might be lonely , sad and frustrated as well .

Overall , malefic Ketu will make one life full of pressures and Ketu remedies will be needed to reduce malefic effects of Ketu in 1st house .


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