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Ketu in 10th House | Ketu in Tenth House

Ketu results in 10th house

Benefic Ketu in 10th house will be good in advancement in professional life . Benefic Ketu will give honesty and creditability in job matters . One might go ahead by virtue of hard work and by putting concrete efforts at work place .

One might be in profession in relation to spiritual health , doctor , Ayurveda specialist , naturopathy . One might be working in NGO or in charitable organization and might be having concerns for poor persons .

One might rise in profession or authority in Ketu dasa-anatardasa , provided , 10th house lord is also stronger in chart .

One might have own independent business , if 2nd and 11th house lords are in powerful condition . Benefic Ketu in 10th house will give edge over its competitors , whether in job or in own business but one still have heart to uplift poor persons as well as Ketu in 10th house will give moral values as well to give something to society back.

If Sun is stronger in chart , then one might get Govt. favors or might be in Govt. job as well . One will able to face tougher times in professional life easily by stronger Ketu in 10th house .

However, if malefic Ketu is in 10th house , then one had to face pressures and challenges from all front and stability might be harder to come by in profession . One image might become bad at work place and co-workers might take advantage over him. Even by putting hard efforts, one might not get promotion and increments on time .

Hurdles will be there in professional life and one might get transfers or change of job might be seen too often.Overall, whole professional life might get disturbed which might effect domestic happiness as well .

One might find it difficult to balance both personal and professional life simultaneously . Overall , Ketu remedies will ease off professional life in longer run.

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