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Ganesha Prashnavali

Ganesh prashnavali

Lord Ganesha is lord of removing obstructions and put off negative energies from once life . In Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is worshipped first before starting any auspicious thing to get good results. Ganesha prashnavali is very effective to get answers relating to questions that are haunting our mind and giving us tougher time.

With the help of Ganesha prashnavali , we can find solutions to our problems and Ganesha prashnavali yantra is very effective and powerful yantra to solve our miseries.

Before using Ganesha prashnavali yantra , one should meditate and then recite “Om Namah Shivay” mantra 5 times and after that recite mantra “Om Gan Ganpatye Namah” 11 times .After that closed your eyes and pray from Lord Ganesha to guide you to solve your problems . Afterwards , ask question from Lord Ganesha and meditate on Lord Ganesha and stop moving your cursor on Ganesh prashnavali yantra . After that see cursor falls on which number and then get your answers by looking out answers written again each number below.

Whenever you get the time, recite lord Ram name and your wish will get fulfilled.

Whatever work you are thinking might give losses to you and it will be better to think about any other work . For your betterment , give fodder to Cow.

Time had come which will end your mental tension, stress and worries . Your problems will end and success will come . Daily worship peepal tree.

There will be increase in family . Financial gains will come . Family happiness and financial condition will be better . You should worship your isht devta daily for your betterment.

You should worship Lord Saturn . You should not fear , if you had to go for business trip as there will be financial gains to you.

Daily worship Lord Ganesha in morning and your wishes will get fulfilled by the end of the month .

Shortly , all monetary problems will come to end. There will be increase in family. Money will come through your wife or your wife will give financial help to you.

You might get financial benefits and child birth in family . Worship Lord Saturn on Saturday to get benefit.

Your planetary combinations are working in your favour and things that had gone away from you will return back to you.

Sooner, you will getting good news and your wishes will get fulfilled . Daily worship your isht devta.

If you are facing financial losses in business , then do some other business . Give water to peepal tree daily and you will get success.

You will get favours from Government. Eastern direction will be auspicious for you and chances to travel in this direction are there for you . You will get name and fame.

After some time, favourable time will be coming for you. If you will be doing cloth business , it will be beneficial for you . Things will remain in your favour.

Your wishes will get fulfilled . You will get favours from government . You will meet your friend or brother.

If you see yourself going to village in your dreams , then you will get auspicious news. You will get benefit from your son. Chances of financial gains will be there for you.

Worship Mother Durga . Mother will guide you to right path and you will get success.

Your good time had come .Your mental tensions will end. You will get happiness and monetary benefits.

You can go for travelling. Travelling will be auspicious , happy and fruitful for you. Worship your isht devta.

There is 1 and half years time remaining for ending your miseries. Take the help of parents for whatever work you do. Service Brahmins and worship your isht devta.

Worship lord Saturn on Saturday . You will get back lost object and monetary problems will be resolved as well.

You will get success in whatever work you will do. Chances of overseas travels are there for you. Worship Lord Ganesha for your betterment.

If there are tensions and problems in your family , then worship God and give services to your parents . You will feel mental peace.

Your problems will come to end sooner. You should pay attention to your work and worship Lord Shiva.

Planets are not favouring you and there is need to do navgrah pooja daily. By doing this , your problems will get reduced and gains will  be there for you.

Your family happiness is getting broken due to financial pressures Your problems will set to end after some period of time . You should worship Mother laxmi daily.

If negative thoughts are haunting your mind , you should try to avoid that and get satyanarayan pooja at home . You will get benefit in your life.

Work which you are doing right now is not better for you and you should think of doing some other work . Worship your isht devta for your betterment.

You should worship peepal tree and lit diya near peepal tree. You will not face pressures in family and will get monetary benefits.

You should worship Lord Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva daily for your betterment. By worshipping , you will get success and happiness will prevail in family.

Worshipping lord Sun and fasting on Sundays will benefit you. Take precautions and care in your business or in your job and success will come.

You will get success in business and happiness will prevail in family . Everything will be remain finer. You should distribute sweets to smaller child.

You are taking un-necessary tensions . Things are going positively . Your worries will go away . Give fodder to cow.

Give service , respect to your parents , give food to brahmins and worship Lord Shriram and your wishes will get fulfilled.

Your wishes will get fulfilled . There will be increase in family and monetary gains will be there for you. Give oil spread roti to Dogs.

Conditions are not favouring you. Give proper thought and consideration before doing any work. Take help of your elders in your work. You should worship Lord Dattatreya for your betterment.

You should offer Durva(medicinal herb, sacred grass) to Lord Ganesha and worship Lord Ganesha daily. Your problems will end and just patience will be needed from your end.

You will get benefit from the work which you are doing and keep this work going on smoother note and you will get financial gains from this work in longer run . Worship Lord Vishnu for your betterment.

Do not worry , if from some period of time, you are facing financial losses as better period will sooner be coming in your life . Offer vermillon ( sindoor) to Lord Hanumanji on Tuesday.

Get Lord Satyanarayan Pooja at home and then only success will come and problems will end for you.

Worship lord hanuman for your betterment. You will get benefit from agriculture allied activities and from business and success will come in your life.

You will get financial benefits. There will be increase in family and problems will vanish. You should worship your isht devta.

You will get success in shorter period of time. You will get help from parents and from friends. Reduce your un-necessary expenses and donate food to poor persons.

Your work that is pending will be completed. There will be financial gains. Friends will give ample support to you. Take decisions with proper thought . Offer milk , sweets , makhan to Lord Krishna.

Put your mind in religious activities ,worship God and your isht devta regularly. This will benefit you and your pending work will be completed.

Keep patience. Do not waste your time in un-necessary tensions. Worship God regularly and you will get success.

You might get chances of spiritual travels that will benefit you . Recite gayatri mantra daily.

Daily offer water to rising Sun and worship lord Sun. You will not be afraid from enemies and chances of success will increase for you.

You should continue your work that you are doing. You will be meeting your older friends that will be helpful for you. Give water to peepal tree daily.

If your problem is related to money matters , then recite srisooktam and worship mother laxmi daily.Your problems will come to end.

You will get your due rights. Do not worry and just do your work with dedication , concentration and on time. Worship your isht devta or God daily.


You will get success in your business that you are thinking . Do not do wrong work for money. Daily give donations to poor and needy persons as according to your financial strength.


Within one month , your problems will reduced and success will come . Offer food to smaller girls .


If you are thinking of going overseas , you can go and you will get benefit in overseas countries . Worship Lord Ganesha for your betterment.


Take the help of elders for work which you want to do else there can be losses . Do not fear from adverse situations. You will get success.


Lit  diya in temple daily. This will benefit you and your wishes will get fulfilled.


If you are depressed because of disease in relation to family members , recite Mahamritunjay mantra daily. After some time , your problems will set reduced for you.


Time is not favourable. Concentrate on your work. For promotion , give roti to cow daily.


You will have monetary and financial gains in your luck. Keep patience , have faith in God and donate coconut to Mother laxmi.


Work which you are thinking will be completed but you might had to take help from somebody. Worship Lord Saturn for your betterment.


Do not keep differences with your family members over any issue and then only you will get success. Lit four mouth diya in Hanuman temple daily for your betterment.


If you are worried over your professional life , worshipping Lord Ganesha will give you benefits.


Daily offer water on shivling in temple and lit diya. All your obstructed work will get completed.


Work which you wanted to know is not auspicious and stop thinking about it for your betterment. Worshipping Navgrah planets will give you success.


Daily make small balls of wheat flour and give to fish. All your problems will get solved by its own.

Precautions While Using Prashnavali:

There should be faith and devotion before using online prashnavali.

There is need to meditate and recite above mantras for better results.

Do not use jyotish prashnavali in playful mode and for testing purpose  

Results will come better when there is faith , devotion and seriousness in asking question.

Use astrology prashnavali only once in day or only when serious thought is haunting your mind.

Om Gan Ganpatye Namah

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