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Birth Time Rectification
Birth Time Rectification

In Astrology, birth details are a most important thing and without correct details, predictions cannot be right.

At times, even by minute differences, ascendant gets changes and results get changed too.

Now, a problem comes when one knows the date of birth but have confusions in time of birth.

To overcome this problem, we had a special report called birth time rectification in which you had to provide us 5 events with month and years in relation to your life like :

When you had completed schooling
When you had purchase vehicle or house
When you get married
When you got job
Further, you can also give near about time, which you think might be correct one but might be having a doubt over that. Still, if you do not have any time, then at least, you had to convey that your birth was in afternoon, morning, evening or in a night, which will help us to predict a correct time of yours.

Note:- In This Report, Only Rectified Time, Ascendant And Rectified Moon Sign Will Be Given To You Based On The Events Provided By You. Answers Might Be In 3-4 Lines, But It Will Involve Tedious Calculations For The Past Events Which You Had Provided. Calculations Will Be Based On Various Divisional Charts And Ascendants That Had To Be Matched With Events Provided By You.

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